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Reply SwaceJahlaw
9:09 AM on January 25, 2017 
Reply Carol
9:25 PM on December 20, 2016 
My friend had Lupron and now she lives in constant pain. I want to find out how she can detox it out of her system so she can live without pain.
Reply jane
11:31 AM on January 21, 2015 
Dear Paige,
if you should have any side effects like severe bone pain, blurry vision anything you did not have before it could be an onslaught of severe side effects to the drug. You need to see an experienced endocrinologist preferably a D.O. or NMD that has to check hormone levels to start.
Lupron is given also to castrate sex offenders, women that have their hormones shut down could be in serious trouble on all fronts. We need estrogen, not to mention progesterone, testosterone in small quantities and of course loads of other things. You could experience amino acid deficit, so your body could go into overdrive with cravings for sweets which will lead to yeast overgrowth in your body. Just to manufacture amino acids. Then what ever your body needs that could have been disrupted will go hunting in your own body to find it,
It is a slippery slope and the correcting should start immediately.
Do not let your doctor tell you that this drug could have done it. If you feel this was the case find doctors that will help you.
Also please be a bit more specific what your problems or concerns are. So we can be a bit more specific in addressing it. Also be aware the add back could not work.
Reply Paige
10:53 AM on January 21, 2015 
I just signed up today. I am 22 years old almost 23. I was diagnosed with endometriosis and I have severe pain on a daily basis. My doctor tried multiple drugs and finally decided to try Lupron-Depot. I never really did much research on it til now since it does not seem to be working and my symptoms are worse. I have a follow up scheduled next tuesday and want to discuss this information with him I would really love some insight. I have had 4 doses in 4 months.
Reply jane
12:23 PM on December 25, 2014 
This site is for both men and women. There are just more women with side effects as this is a medication that was originally intended for men.
I am not aware or a site on Lupron for men.
The membership is not pending as our it guy can see you as a member. There seems to be a problem.
I have no contact of a man that is a member that has actually written about problems.
Lupron is used for women with endometriosis, fibroids and other things as well as in children precautious puberty for example.
Our Foundation is the only one that is dealing and trying to unravel the health issues that could have been caused by this drug.
Try an prostate cancer site may be they have some gents that have the same experience as you have.
Reply Bob Woodrow
8:28 AM on December 25, 2014 
Jane, Still confused. I'd love to find a site where I could exchange experiences with other men
on Lupron. This seems to be a site for women, no? And it seems I'm not yet a member ?
I get to this comment section only by going to "Guestbook". If I sign in I get "your membership is pending. Is there a male site? And WHY DO WOMEN TAKE LUPRON?
Reply jane
4:46 PM on December 23, 2014 
Dear Bob,
yes in their infinite wisdom doctors and big p decided it would be fun for women as well. Do forgive my sarcasm as our side effects are horrendous!
Re the sex life, well they also use Lupron on sex offenders to castrate them! That speaks for itself. What I would recommend find and D.O or an NMD specializing in endocrinology, they should be able to get to the bottom of it. May be you need like us women hormone therapy. In your case testosterone. MD's usually are not familiar to thinking outside the box and don't even know a lot of the tests that need to be run on us. The standard tests do not give even a glimpse into our issues.
If you need help location one let me know I am sure I can find one near you.

Reply bob woodrow
10:54 AM on December 21, 2014 
Help ... I'm really confused. I thought Lupron was for men only to help with prostate cancer.
Why do women take it. Also although I love your site. I need to know more about going off of Lupron like its effect in my sex life. Can I expect to have erections, etc.??? Will I again enjoy sex?
Reply Bob Woodrow
6:54 AM on December 21, 2014 
Love this site. I great service. Having trouble sometimes signing in ...still get a note Membership Pending ??
Reply jane
6:09 PM on December 20, 2014 
Dear Bob,
men seem to be able to cope better with the drug and the side effects. Some wear off others never do. Keep monitoring your signs and report them to your doctor immediately. Also do detoxing as much as you can detox teas, sauna, only organic produce, grass fed animal meats, ionic foot bath and the likes. Also see your doctor about detoxing the liver. Milk thistle is an excellent way to help the liver.
Hope this helps a bit
ps. Merry Christmas.

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